Where to Find the Pink Himalayan Salt Mine?

Himalayan pink salt is a very unique form of salt with its translucent color. It can be found in many places in Pakistan including the mountainous regions, deserts, and high plateaus of the country. There are many misconceptions about salt, especially regarding its use as an alternative to table salt. Many people think that Himalayan Pink Salt is just the salt in a different name but the salt actually comes from mined deposits of pink salt. In addition to this, it has some other interesting properties that make it unique.

Himalayan pink salt is a better alternative to table salt because it is healthier. When you consume this salt, it increases the amount of sodium and potassium in your body. Salt is loaded with sodium and potassium but because it is pink, it decreases the amount of sodium and increases the amount of potassium in your body, leaving you with a healthy mineral balance. Healthy eating can lead to a healthier body, therefore, consuming this form of salt can prove to be beneficial in improving your health.

Salt contains minerals like potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and iron. All these minerals are vital to our body's function and when we do not get enough minerals in our body, we get sick or we suffer from serious medical conditions. Pink Himalayan salt crystals have trace minerals which are vital for our overall health. These minerals react with water and help to make water ionized, much like natural magnets that draw negative ions.

High blood pressure is known to be a condition characterized by a high concentration of sodium in the blood. Since hypertension also affects the level of potassium, salt may also regulate high blood pressure. Research showed that the addition of pink Himalayan salt significantly decreased the levels of sodium and blood pressure in hypertensive patients. Moreover, this salt has a positive effect on other kinds of diseases too, such as heart disease and cancer.

Salt is known to lower the risks of many illnesses such as heart diseases and cancer. Regular salt causes damage to our arteries and increases our risk of stroke and heart attack. On the other hand, pink Himalayan salt contains a large number of minerals and trace elements which help maintain the body's fluid balance, keep us healthy and alleviate many symptoms related to various diseases. It is important to consume them on a regular basis in order to reap the numerous benefits that they provide. Consumption of regular salt can actually cause several health problems, therefore, a healthier alternative is to use the natural mineral found in this type of salt.

Salt is necessary for ensuring proper digestion, however, most people do not eat enough servings of this essential mineral. With the introduction of pink Himalayan salt into the diet, it is now possible to eat plenty of nutritious foods while still enjoying a healthy balance of sodium and electrolytes. This type of salt is loaded with a variety of trace minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, manganese, and zinc. All these trace minerals are important for maintaining a healthy body, hence, we should never skip a beat in adding this type of salt to our diet.

When it comes to the trace elements that are needed for thyroid support, pink Himalayan salt provides the most amount of iodine and phosphorous. Iodine is necessary for regulating the thyroid gland's functions and maintaining proper glandular function hence, it is necessary to increase intake of this mineral through food and supplements. Phosphorous, on the other hand, helps promote efficient energy production and use of energy, phosphorus also helps prevent water retention.

Although the location of the mine is not yet revealed, the mine is believed to be located near Pratunam Lake, about 40 kilometers from Kolkata. It has been found that this salt mine has been operating for the past six decades, hence, it is considered one of the oldest businesses operating in Kolkata. However, this does not mean that it has become inaccessible to anyone. There are several companies in Kolkata that sell this pink salt at affordable prices, hence, you can always find a company that sells this natural product near your house.