Month: October 2019

Easy Suggestions To Economize At A Music Festival

If you’re going to a music festival, you have to be prepared to spend a lot of money. However, if you don’t want to spend a fortune and still want to enjoy the fun and delights of a music festival, read on to find out more about money-saving ideas.

Choose festivals wisely. This is a golden rule to follow if you want to save. While there are many festivals held from time to time, some like the Bonnaroo Music Festival is especially valuable.

Attending such festivals only makes sense if you are interested in the appearance of a popular and great artist. If you are lucky enough to have a good jam session it will be enough to go to a cheaper session.

Another important thing to remember at music festivals is to bring your medicine with you. Many people complain of headaches in such places.

Music as well as long hours in the sun can cause headaches. Hence, bringing your medication can help you deal with the problem better. Buying drugs at music festivals can be a little expensive.

Bring your water or choose free portable water. Many music festivals offer water for up to $ 6 per bottle. However, most festival organizers and producers in the US are required to provide water free of charge.

This means there is a great opportunity to get free portable water even at music festivals. Choose free bottled water and no longer need to change your budget to buy bottled water.

Get ready before going to the festival. If you are struggling with skin conditions like acne, bring an effective anti-acne solution like the Clearpores Skin Cleansing System so that the problem doesn’t get worse.

Bring your snack. This will also help you save. Ideally, you should carry dry, perishable foods like crackers, dried fruit, granola, and gin bars.

Stay away from drinks at music festivals. All drinks like cocktails, fruit juices, fake tails, and many others are too expensive in such places. Not only doesn’t this count for you, but this drink can also cause you weight problems.

How To Get Music Festival Volunteer Jobs This Summer

There are many reasons why hosting a music festival is a good idea, and only one of them involves attending a concert for free. Learn why working at this summer festival is a great way to advance your events career, and why it’s worth working for free.

1. Access to concert events

Some of the best ways to get a job at music festivals are by volunteering. Of course, paying for the hours you attend the festival is more attractive than working for free, but it can be difficult to find a paid job with minimal work experience.

However, music festivals almost always need volunteers. While volunteering for events may not land the coolest jobs, such as performing on stage or helping out with groups, the work that volunteers do is critical to a festival’s success.

2. Hours of voluntary work

The second best reason to volunteer at a music festival is volunteer courses. Volunteer hours look great on any resume and can often be a selling point for college and graduate applications.

3. Experience and knowledge

While we’ve demonstrated this, volunteering provides you with valuable experience in the events industry. When applying for your first job, think about how you would view someone who never volunteers for an event.

As a candidate, you already understand how live events work, where problems arise, and you have the hands-on experience and knowledge to deal with those issues. When someone applies for a job, the volunteer hours on your resume show commitment, experience, and knowledge of the career path you are working on.

4. Interior view

If you are unsure whether you work in a music festival or the concert industry, volunteer first. Volunteering helps you learn first-hand what music festival jobs are, and it’s a valuable way to find out if you enjoy working at an event or not.

5. Networking

It doesn’t happen all the time, but on occasion, volunteers will be asked to take on a role that involves more responsibility. This often involves working directly with events coordinators, event managers, bands, talent buyers, and agents. Regardless of what happens during your time as a volunteer, you will be in and around the people who are already getting paid to work in the industry.