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The Future Of Home DNA Testing In Ireland

Since the decoding of the human genome, there has been a promise of a revolution in DNA technology. All things, from the curing of debilitating genetic diseases to the modification of our individual genes seemed possible. How far have we come, then? What will the average person gain from understanding his DNA?

With the advancements in the medical sector, these paternity tests are possible from the privacy of your own home. You can navigate to summitdnaireland.com/peace-of-mind-tests to purchase the best home DNA testing kit.

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Both the mother and father do not need to be present for the test. The lab will either mail or deliver cheek swabs from the father, mother, and child. The test results will be available within a week.

These tests are performed using DNA sequencing. It is possible to determine if the DNA strands are compatible by comparing their nucleotide bases.

Pharmacogenomics is a new field that tailors drug therapies to individual DNA. Many doctors are unaware that they can order DNA tests to determine how patients might react to a particular prescription. The number of possibilities in this field will increase exponentially as the cost of testing decreases.

As DNA testing becomes more popular, the costs of DNA testing will drop. Public awareness will also increase and individualized DNA testing is on the rise.