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Automatically Install An Inground Automatic Pool Cover DIY

An automatic pool cover is a system that helps keep your pool area clean and protected from the sun and weather. It operates continuously, day and night, to ensure your pool is covered and ready for use.

The Automatic Pool Cover System incorporates an inflatable bladder that is mounted on a frame above the surface of the pool. This bladder inflates when the cover is opened, providing a waterproof seal over the entire pool area. The system also includes a control unit that monitors the weather conditions and opens or closes the cover using a remote control.

You can install your own automatic pool cover system by following these simple steps: 

1. Find an appropriate location for the system. The system should be installed at least 4 feet above ground level to ensure adequate protection from debris and sunlight.

2. Measure the height of your existing inflatable covers and add 4 inches to that measurement to account for inflation. This will be your guide for finding an appropriate frame size for your system.

3. Purchase or borrow the necessary hardware: An inflator, remote control, frame, and pump (if needed).

Have you ever wished you could just pop open that pool cover and jump in without having to get out of your swimming gear? Well, now there's a way to make that dream a reality — with the help of an automated pool cover. 

By installing an in-ground automatic pool cover, you can have the convenience of never needing to take off your swim clothes again (or worry about getting them wet) while still enjoying the safety and security of having a pool cover protecting your pool from weather conditions.