Commercial Kitchens: Are Shelves a Sufficient Storage Solution?

Restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops that have commercial kitchens as their main source of income will find that all stock is kept in the kitchen. A commercial kitchen is equipped with many cabinets that can store everything from food supplies to catering equipment. Is it necessary to add shelves to cabinets in a commercial kitchen?

Shelves can be an alternative storage solution for the commercial kitchen. The beauty of shelving is that you can make the shelves as long or as short as you want. You can add one level of shelves or multiple levels. It all depends on you and the space you have on the walls above the cabinets. You can get the best Custom Kitchen Solutions For All Your Business Requirements online.

5 Ways to Set Up a Commercial Kitchen

They are also ideal because they don't particularly take much overhead space above the work surfaces that the cabinets provide. Furthermore, because they don't have doors, you won't whack your head on them if you fail to close them while preparing a dish.

Overhead cabinets can be time-consuming and expensive to build, whereas shelves can be done quickly and inexpensively. As a result, you can place a large number of them on all of the accessible walls in the commercial kitchen.

If you want to be more organized, add labels on the shelves where each catering equipment or food supply needs to be stored. This will prevent kitchen staff from placing the items wherever there is a space.