Cairns High Schools: Your Gateway To Success

Cairns is home to a variety of high schools located within the city, with each school catering to a specific type of student. Choosing the right high school for your child can be hard, but this article breaks down some of the options available and provides important information about them.

When you’re looking for a high school in Cairns, there are a few things to keep in mind. First and foremost, the type of school you choose will affect your educational experience.

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The Different Types of Schools in Cairns

There are five types of schools in Cairns: public, Catholic, independent, special needs, and international.

Public schools are the most common type and offer a general education. They offer a variety of subjects and grades, so finding one that’s right for you is important.

Catholic schools are religious institutions and offer religious instruction as well as education. Many students choose Catholic schools because they want to receive an education that coincides with their beliefs, but some students find the curriculum too restrictive.

Independent schools are tuition-free and offer a more customized education than public or Catholic schools. They often have smaller classes and more individualized instruction.

Special needs schools cater to students with specific needs such as ADHD, autism, or deafness. These schools often have highly specialized curriculums and can be quite expensive.

International schools teach English as a second language and offer a global perspective. They can be expensive, but they also tend to be very competitive for admission.