Tips For Email Management

There are some simple steps that you can take to manage your out of control inbox. Read the following suggestions for successful email management.

• Always read and reply to the latest messages in your inbox. As soon as the message arrives, read it and act on it. You can perform three actions: delete, reply, or send. Immediately after opening the letter, take the appropriate steps. Don't put it off until later. Procrastination is one of the main reasons for email overload. 

You should opt for the mail or top document management software to manage your mails automatically.

• Keep messages that are not urgent during your free time, for example, before noon or before you leave for work. Most incoming emails can be read once and then immediately deleted. Clean your inbox at least once a month.

• Delete or delete messages when you are done. Delete messages that you took action on and that are no longer needed. Delete messages that you have replied to but still need for future reference. Effective email management must resist the temptation to keep all messages forever.

• Create email folders based on certain criteria. You can have folders for specific clients, projects, or subject areas. Once you receive the email, move it to the appropriate folder; this makes it easier for you to pick it up. But don't overdo it and don't create too many folders within folders – digging through them will make for an even bigger headache.

• Creation of templates for routine answers. This saves you a lot of time with standard answers like "Thanks for the feedback" or when sending information about a product or company.