The KBO Breeze Is A Comfortable Commuter Bike

If you’re looking for comfort in an electric bike the KBO Breeze may be an option to consider. When it comes to choosing a comfortable bike, one of the most important things is the riding geometry of the bike. The KBO Breeze is particularly comfortable because it gives the rider an upright position, and the entire bike sits on decently sized wheels and tires which are excellent for absorbing bumps in the road. In addition to plush tires on the KBO Breeze you’ll also find a suspension on the front fork which further dampens any sort of imperfections you may encounter on your commute to work. The ergonomic style hand grips on the KBO Breeze are not real leather according to the review TailHappyTV posted, but they do feel nice and the shape of them make for a comfortable ride.

One of the biggest complaints with electric bike riders is a skinny inadequate seat that comes on the bike. The KBO Breeze is different because it comes with a relatively wide and squishy seat that makes for a plush ride. While the KBO Breeze does not have a massive motor, but the 500 W motor gets the job done and can bring a rider up to 22 mph without even pedaling. If you’re interested in purchasing a computer style electric bike you can watch the KBO Breeze review on TailHappyTV and compare to other electric bikes he’s reviewed to find out whether or not this is for you.