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What To Expect During A Tube Feeding

Tube feeding can be a complicated and time-consuming process for both the patient and their caregivers. Here, we outline what to expect during a tube feed, as well as some tips on making the process easier.

Guidelines for Two Types of Tube Feeds:

Tube feeding is a lifesaving procedure for infants and young children who cannot eat by mouth. Tube feeding can be challenging for caregivers, but with a little preparation and guidance, it can be made as easy as possible. 

For tube feeding services, you can also hire the registered NDIS provider.

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Here is one of the common types of tube feeding: Gastrostomy Tube Feeding

A gastrostomy tube is inserted through the side of the neck into the stomach. The infant or child can then eat or drink through the tube. Gastrostomy tubes are often used in children who have undergone surgery to remove part of their stomach and intestine.

To give a gastrostomy tube feed, the caregiver first prepares the infant or child's food or drink. Then, they clean the inside of the baby's nose and mouth with an alcohol-based solution (mucilaginous solution) to loosen any dried mucus or food that may be blocking the airway. The caregiver then lubes up the end of the gastrostomy tube with petroleum jelly or similar lubricant. Finally, they insert the gastrostomy tube into the baby's throat using gentle pressure.