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Treat Compressed Air To Maximising the Efficiency of Your System

One of the most important lessons you can learn in the field of the distribution of compressed air is that you should never undervalue the harm that could be caused by condensation or contamination. 

To maximize equipment performance and longevity air must be treated by the knowledge of the external conditions and the application that is required. You can search online for buying the best quality refrigerated air dryers.

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Many kinds of contaminants could be detected in compressed air systems The most prevalent include:

  1. Liquid and vapour (vapour as well as liquid)

  2. Oil (vapour or liquid)

  3. Pipe corrosion and scale

  4. Dirt and

  5. Micro-organisms

A large portion of the contamination originates from the atmospheric air that is thought to have up to 0.05mg/m3 as well as 0.5mg/m3 in oil vapour that comes from sources like automobile exhausts and industrial processes. 

Another thing that can be found in the atmospheric air is water in the form of condensate that is formed as the air cools to lower temperatures than ambient temperature.

However, there are other places where contamination can be triggered, for example, the piping network as well as even the compressor. It is typically caused by wear and tears on such equipment over a long period.

The presence of water and other particles in a pneumatic system could have a severe negative impact on the network's distribution. Inconsistent supply of clean, dry air can create costly production issues leaks, air leaks, and pressure drops in addition to the possibility of further corrosion and damage to the equipment.