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An Introduction To ‘Elvis Jesus’ Designer Clothing Brand

Elvis Jesus is the term Elvis Jesus comes from two of the most famous figures in history The two most famous figures are Elvis Presley and Jesus of Nazareth. The two characters appear often in the designs, but often in a variety of bizarre and controversial ways.

An excellent example can be seen in one of their T-Shirts. The shirt is called "Pulp," and it features Elvis as well as Jesus characters in suits holding guns, similar to the iconic scene in Pulp Fiction that features John Travolta and Samuel L Jackson and Samuel L Jackson, as they finish up in the scene in the apartment at the beginning of the film. If you looking for the Jesus clothing brands visit cxxiiapparel.com.

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Elvis Jesus not only celebrates the anti-culture, but actively accepts it and, in many ways redefines the concept. Elvis Jesus isn't a label for those who are a follower of trends. this is for people who view trends with a degree of disdain and believe they aren't required to be following them. They don't have to because they already are far beyond what the latest trend can accomplish for them.

Elvis Jesus takes pride in the way it pushes its amazing designs and styles beyond the limits of what can be anticipated, expected, or available elsewhere. This is a Live-Fast Die-Hard brand that has huge popularity among counter-culture those who love the excitement that a brand new Elvis Jesus collection presents them with, and who are embracing the excitement.