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Why You Need a Butcher Knife in Your Kitchen

To fully understand the importance of having a butcher’s knife in the kitchen, one must first understand what butcher knives are. Now, a lazy individual might tell you that a butcher knife is simply a kitchen knife for butchering meat. However, just like your mouth-watering dinners, we know the key is in the high level of detail.

Butcher knives are made of high carbon stainless steel, a full tang kitchen knife used throughout the world to cut through the meat. They’re precision-forged, ultra-sharp, and have a tapered design for hardness and flexibility. 

Why should you add one to your cutlery set?


Let’s talk about what makes a butcher’s knife essential for your kitchen.

Did you know? You can use butcher knives not only to cut your steak but also as a general utility knife. For example, butcher knives can chop vegetables, cut sides, and trim the fat. But here’s an extra secret, you can even use them to cut through hot pizza, too.

With that, you can throw away your old stainless steel pizza cutter. You know, the squeaky one that always has crusty cheese stuck on the inside? Butcher Knife can do the job just fine, and thanks to its efficient design, it cleans much more easily than an old rickety pizza cutter.

What’s more, because it’s impervious to heat and cold, you can even tackle those leftovers the next morning, too! No matter what climate you’re in.