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What Does A Rigging Company Do?

Rigging companies usually have to move everything from sensitive medical devices to dam generators. There’s a wide range of materials that can be either very delicate or extremely large, possibly weighing as much as 20 tons or more. 

Some of these include generators, HVAC units, safes, conveyors, mills, semiconductor equipment, and printing presses. You can find the best crane and rigging companies near me via online.

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When industrial machinery has to be moved, it will generally take more than a simple forklift, and professional riggers are required to move this because it can be very dangerous. 

Professional skills come into play when it’s necessary to safely lift and move objects that are oversized, extremely heavy, or those which are located in a difficult position. 

Rigging companies provide skilled personnel to accomplish crane rigging, disassembling or installing new components, removal of decommissioned machinery, plant reorganization, plant relocation, machinery upgrades, and a wide variety of other tasks which can be both delicate and extremely difficult. 

To accomplish the tasks necessary in this process, a specialized machine is generally necessary, for instance, wire rope, canvas straps, slings, and jacks, all of which are used to help move the material, or to secure it during transport.

Logistics worksites, loading, and unloading are two of the most prominent services provided, but a lot of work can go into these simple functions, especially when the equipment to be moved is super heavy and bulky.